:stopmusic: Stop “The Rock Says”, “America Fuck Yeah” Music from playing in the background in 4chan

Here is how you can stop “America Fuck Yeah” background music from 4chan.

UPDATE (Feb 2012): It has now been updated for shitty tragic music.

UPDATE: It has now been updated for “The Rock” as well.

Install Firefox. Optional: If you use Chrome, uninstall it. Use Firefox.

Install Adblock Plus. In Firefox, go to Tools>Add-ons>Get Addons and search for adblock plus. Install and restart Firefox.

When Firefox starts up, it should ask you for filter list, select any filter list you want… or better don’t select any filter list.

Goto Tools>Adblock Plus Preferences and click on Add Filter. Now enter: “http://swf.4chan.org/oldb.swf” (updated for shitty sad music, Feb 2012) without quotes in the box and press Enter. (see the pic below, Note: The picture below has a different code which was supposed to stop “America Fuck Yeah”.. make sure to use “=uGt0nDKu0cg” instead).

Adblock Plus Filter

Hit OK. Now, reload 4chan. The music should be gone.

Please let me know via comments if you find that the music has changed and/or the above is not working for you.

Create fake facebook status and comments with Fakebookstatus.com

I came across a new web service that allows creating fake facebook status and comments. No more Firebug or Photo editing required. Check out Fakebookstatus.com

Internet littered with religious advertisements

While I am a supporter of secular system where people can say their stuff and have their advertisements anywhere they are permitted to, I do not support anyone who uses fear and paranoia to scare off people for money. Sadly, that is what many religious leaders and other con artists are doing all over the world. Be it American Mega Churches (that use fear of Christian Hell), Baba Ramdev (who uses fear of diseases, and don’t get me started on this man) or some fanatics like Alex Jones (who uses fear of current world economic system), David Icke (who uses fear of Reptilians who supposedly rule this world) or these adverts, all of these claim expertise in something normal people will have hard time figuring out and then make people believe in their stuff with some half truths and stunts. Then when they get enough people following them, they start ripping off their money by offering books, DVDs and merchandise for a fee.

As you might have noticed by now, there are religious adverts saying “World’s Last Chance”, “The Truth about God” and stuff even if you are on the sites that have nothing to do with God or Devil or anything related. Some of these ads also appear in websites and YouTube channels dedicated to science and reason.

Normally, ads don’t annoy me. In fact advertisement is a way for even genuine people to market their products. They can help us find products which we might otherwise not have known about. On the other hand, advertisements help services and several informational websites become free of charge as they can earn from advertisements alone. Advertisements gives a reason to share information for free. However, some paranoia merchants are also using the same system to spread their paranoia easily to larger audience. That annoys me and I’m sure it annoys other people like me as well.

While we might not be able to shut down such immoral organizations, we can do something about the annoying advertisements which are occupying space which could have been used for something rather informational or useful. Many of these ads are served by Google Adwords and even though I am not very familiar with Adwords, I know that the advertisers pay per click. A big part of what advertisers pay go to websites in which these ads appear.

So, when you see another religious ad in a website or a YouTube channel that has nothing to do with religion or a website or a YouTube channel which encourages science and reason, just go ahead and click it. When you do that, advertisers (those paranoia merchants) lose money and the website owner or YouTube channel owner gets a big part of that money (and the rest goes to Google or another ad serving network). If enough reasonable people start doing that, the paranoia merchants may see less profit or even loss in Internet advertising and drop the idea. That should make the internet a little more cleaner. Even if they keep on advertising, the money goes to people that deserve it more than they do. Also, the advertisers must have budget limitation for a day, which means a limited number of people get to their sites after which their ads stop appearing for the day. A reasonable person clicking their ads means they have one less potential victim. It is a win-win situation.

An amazing snake baby born in Dharan after 12 months of pregnancy

Wow what a creature and what is going to happen in this world? It is so true, because it was featured in The Blast Times.

Just kidding. Maybe its just me, but if Blast really featured it, the very fact makes a story at best half true for me. Anyone who takes The Blast Times seriously must seriously reconsider their sanity.

Yes 6% of new borns worldwide are with some kind of defects. Some are extremely rare and some are common. The common ones are heart diseases, neural diseases, facial clefts or some minor deformities. Down syndrome is also a common genetic disorder. There are some rare permanent birth disorders.

Most of these defects can be summarized as absence of organs, non functional organs or systems, fused body parts or appearance of extra organs. Many of them are fatal but some are not. Some have cures or treatments.

Still, the next new birth defect is almost unpredictable. In some rare cases, there can be multiple birth defects in the same new born.

However, it is illogical to assume that a person with a body of a python, feet of a chicken, hair of an old woman, beard like a goat can be born. Yes, but what about the video evidence right? That is not a computer generated effect, it is easy to tell, but it is not a real human baby either, thats easy to tell too.

How, you may ask. First, it is impossible (practically at least) for Human genes to be modified such that it can have such features. Second, even if by the smallest probability, such genetic modifications took place, the Human womb would not generate necessary materials for such inhuman organs to grow. So, if the baby was real, the body would have Human skin, maybe deformed or of different color, but would not have patterns of a python. Same thing with the chicken legs.

But what about the story? What about the mother who died giving birth, what about the father taking it to the US? That is entirely a work of fiction. If the story was true, wouldn’t the national media have it featured? Wouldn’t BPKIHS have to say something about it to the national media? It certainly would have been noticed in the airport or the Indian/Chinese border and more media coverage would be obvious, rather than just a third grade local paper which has the history of bullshit news (at least titles) to sell it to innocent travelers. There would be more about it, rather than just one video with a B grade Hindi horror movie sound effects with none of the doctors showing their faces. It would be broadcasted by the American media too.

Many people in our country are ignorant. Most don’t have access to the international media or the Internet. When we have some deformed births in our society, they are usually attached to the work or reincarnation of God or the Devil. The idea of reincarnation or existence of God or Devil or anything as such is pre-modern and should be discarded.

It is not cool to make such fake stuff out of dead python, possibly real Human hair, a dead chicken and then distribute a video claiming it as real Human baby with an emotional story attached to it. It is sick to say the least. But maybe we need more such ridiculously fake stuff to make people immune to future attempts as such. That way, people will hopefully learn to look for proof and think rationally about such phony claims.

UPDATE: The original video appeared in Youtube in January 2009. Here it is with original audio. The language being spoken is probably Indonesian.


(Click here to see comments and description in Youtube)
It is described as a snake found in Prigi Beach, Trenggalek, Indonesia (which is also obviously wrong information).

Controversial Audio tape with conversation said to have taken place between Mahara and a Chinese

Here is the conversation that is said to have happened between Maoist leader Krishna Bahadur Mahara and a Chinese:. Mahara has denied this. Here is the full conversation as I heard it from the released conversation audio. Please post your corrections if you find any errors.

1st Audio Tape
Mahara-Chinese Conversation, Part I.
Chinese: Hello. Mr Mahara?
Mahara: Yes I am speaking from Mahara.
Chinese: Oh, yes yes, Mahara. This is only the temporary phone card. I used the… word temporary because someone <not distinct>
Mahara: Yes
Chinese: Mr. Mahara, how is the status right now in Nepal. I know there’s next election coming up. Do you think <not distinct> result?
Mahara: It is very near…and… but…right now it is also not clear.
Chinese: Okay. What is the… is Mao gonna get the max seat, you think?
Mahara: No…ugh…No chance.
Chinese: No chance, huh?
Mahara: We are trying, we are trying… but.. but…ugh… it is so difficult.
Chinese: I see. What causing the problem to not have max seats?
Mahara: What?…ugh…maybe, maybe because ugh… we have maybe 10 to 15 is already but …ugh.. maybe 50, 50 around 50.
Chinese: You need additional 50, huh?
Mahara: Yes, five zero.
Chinese: Yes, and Mr. Mahara what kind of a help could help you to get the 50 seats?
Mahara: Ha ha, you know…because ugh…ugh…um… that is the most…ugh… difficult task
Chinese: OK
Mahara: because the south center
Chinese: OK
Mahara: bihar, they are guided control to them so it is first thing it is necessary to neutralize south. second thing… some of the money also needed. (yo…yo tip ta)
Chinese: What’s the amount you were talking about?
Mahara: I cannot <not distinct> clear. It must be discussed with Chairman.
Chinese: Mr Mahara, I have one of the friend who…ugh… who is thinking about to help you… help…
Mahara: Yes.
Chinese: and ugh..ugh…he is wondering whether… he cannot travel to Nepal… so he’s wondering there’s possible we can set up a meeting somewhere else.
Mahara: Where, where is it convenience?
Chinese: Do you think Hong Kong is possible for you?
Mahara: Ugh…but ugh…ugh… with whom she want to meet?
Chinese: For this matter, only You and Mr. Chairman…no…nobody else…no.
Mahara: But one thing is, it is very <not distinct> … it is very difficult to move here and there to ugh…our chairman. When he go to the Hong Kong, everybody profligate because he is Prime Minister and he is candidate of the prime minister also.
Chinese: Well, we are wondering, you can represent him to meet with…ugh…my friend.
Mahara: Yes, yes… I’m ready…I’m ready everywhere… I can go here and there… but this message can be send…this message must be…this message must be sent to him…to our Prachanda…if you send the message the Prachanda… it is difficult to you then he can give me all authority.
Chinese: OK. This is our plan Mr. Mahara, we are thinking about to meet you first to talk about detail…ugh…like how to help ugh… about to get the 50 seats…in some…
Mahara: ugh… that is ugh…ugh…ugh… the most important place is if if you have the China, China means in the Chengdu.
Chinese: Oh…ugh… In China…
Mahara: Chengdu is the best place, nobody know.
Chinese: But this is very…very sensitive and…and we don’t want to have anything to do with the current government, if you know.. ugh.. what I mean.
Mahara: Then, then Singapore is another place.
Chinese: Ugh…which one.. uh where where is comfortable for you? Singapore or Hong Kong?
Mahara: Hong Kong, there is so much… ugh… lot of Nepalese. They know… they do the… but Singapore is…ugh.. more best.
Chinese: So you say Singapore better huh?
Mahara: Yes.
Chinese: Yeah, let me…let me talk to my friend okay and…
Maahara: Hong Kong also may be…
Chinese: ugh…ugh.. coz what happened is..ugh… my friend is ugh..
Mahara: I will, I will… sorry… this evening I will call to you OK?
Chinese: Okay Okay, Can you… Yeah… can you let me know the possibility of Hong Kong in the next few days?
Mahara: In this phone? In this phone? OK? In this phone?
Chinese: Yes, I will be waiting for your call by this number okay?
Mahara: <not distinct> is from your source you must be send this message to our chairman, okay?
Chinese: Ugh… You want me to talk to mister chairman? no.
Mahara: I will, I will call OK, I will call OK.
Chinese: OK. OK. Thank you.

2nd Audio Tape
Mahara-Chinese Conversation, Part I.
Chinese:: Mr Mahara.
Mahara: Yes, yes, good morning. How are you?
Chinese:: OK, OK. What about yourself?
Mahara: I am fine, I am fine and you?
Chinese:: I’m okay, I’m good. Thank you. I thought you were gonna call me back yesterday Mr. Mahara.
Mahara: Ugh.. Who?
Chinese:: I thought you were gonna call me back yesterday. hahaha.
Mahara: Yesterday evening I cannot call to you so just I am calling this morning.
Chinese:: OK OK.
Mahara: For suggestion, I have talked with my chairman.
Chinese:: OK.
Mahara: and we have…ugh… also discussed.. ugh.. one thing is that someone is alsoooo.. ugh.. someone is also.. ugh… ugh.b.. ugh.. talking with our chairman…. that is correct?
Chinese:: I don’t know.. from my side.. so far from my side, only my friend, me and ugh… Mr. ugh.. chairm… ugh.. you and Mr. Chairman. From my side I only know <not distinct> thats been going on.
Mahara: OK, but he has not concrete, only his ugh.. but I have discussed with my chairman and he say.. meet.. because the initial now only the 4 day rest.. only 4 days.. 4 days there is the election.. for this minimum, from outside minimum 50…ugh… members need.. for 50 members it will cost them.. they need, they need…ugh… minimum…ugh…ugh 10 million Nepalese Rupees. Nepalese.. ugh, this is not I.. I am calling to talk dollar or Euro..
Chinese:: 10 million rupees.
Mahara: 10 million means in Nepalese 1 Crore only per person…
Chinese:: <not distinct> Okay.
Mahara: this is…ugh..<not distinct> it means 1 point some…ugh… half and… ugh… I have not convert it in dollar.
Chinese:: You say that 10 million… ugh… per person right?
Mahara: 10 million per person. This is Nepalese currency.
Chinese:: Yes yes, I understand. That will be something about ugh.. 100 lakh.. right?
Mahara: ugh… yes yes yes
Chinese:: <not distinct> per person
Mahara: Yes 100 lakh Rupees, Nepalese Rupees, yes. that is yes…Nepalese 100 Rupees. 100 lakh…
Chinese:: Okay, alright… and… <not distinct> and then… do you <not distinct>… Actually, friend I mentioned you might be <not distinct> for his own protection and Mr Mahara if, if ugh… you can come up with some kind of help, you gotta talk to me first because…ugh…because…ugh… lot of details he needs to know.. and then and then and then.. to to be prepared..<not distinct> so if you will be able to pay a visit in Hong Kong?
Mahara: Yes it is okay, but Hong Kong is, there is so many Nepalese.. So, how to do it?
Chinese:: Because you know th.. th.. for other countries we’ll need, we’ll need special Visa applied ugh, ugh, travel Visa… and that will bring people’s attention..<not distinct> But for Hong Kong you can go there, nobody will know from ugh… from ugh.. here… so…
Mahara: <not distinct> I will talk… when when?
Chinese:: Well, ugh… we are open anytime, but well … for you, when will be a good time?
Mahara: No but it is… it is only 4 days because we need before 4 days but.. ugh… ugh.. I will try to…tomorrow?
Chinese:: OK
Mahara: Or today.
Chinese:: No Sir, you need a.. how long will you need to stay at Hong Kong, 1 night?
Mahara: Yes, 1 night is sufficient.
Chinese:: OK, OK. We can go anytime… so it’s really up to you.<not distinct>
Mahara: So… I… I call to this..ugh…this…ugh… 10 or 12 o’clock in Nepalese time, in ugh.. this according okay? I will do this evening also. I can do this evening also.
Chinese:: OK
Mahara: For discussion to me, for discussion to me is not sufficiently but I can arrange a meeting in..in another site.. another site means ugh…ugh…this site of suppose….ugh… Just I call the Netherland.. please see my email.. I’m… ugh…upon…after 10 minute okay?
Chinese:: Yes. I am going to a meeting, so I will probably won’t be able to check my email… <not distinct> 10 a.m., Nepali time.
Mahara: Ok. Please open your email in 10 a.m. okay?
Chinese:: Yes and Mr. Mahara, what’s the..ugh..what’s the.. umm… you need to go to Hong Kong, you just need to tell me ugh…ugh…ploace where I can pick you up. <not distinct> Okay?
Mahara: OK. OK OK.
Chinese:: OK

Government to block porn sites in Nepal

NTA and Home Ministry are preparing to put a complete block to porn sites in Nepal. Read the full news here.

While organizations like www.crisisconnectioninc.org have tried to make a connection between porn (along with drugs like Crystal Meth) and sexual violence, they have failed to show any statistical proof.
This site takes a neutral stance and tries to list all the works done against pornography. Other California based writer concludes in his article that porn actually decreases sexual violence.

We can’t take any of these reports/articles for granted though, because in a monetary world, these could be influenced by the ones who make money of porn or lack of it.

If government believes blocking adult material actually benefits the society based on the statistics (like increase in porn surfing leading to increase in sexual crimes), they should take all efforts they can make to stop it by all means. According to OHCHR report of 2007, there have been 40 (or 38, different data in different reports) cases of sexual violence that have been reported. The report also states that many cases go unreported because police may not have taken the reports of “Dalit” victims; also, many may not have reported at all due to social difficulties they might face to live as victims of sexual assaults. Government should be more concerned on making reporting and investigation anonymous and easy for victims than wasting resources in activities like banning porn without any conclusive understanding of the consequences.

Those are the issues the government is probably more aware of. They must have taken various factors into consideration to have come up such a decision. But the issue that concerns me is not the step itself but the difficulty and cost of the process. When it comes to Internet Censorship, the most talked about is China. They not only block Adult and Pornographic content, but also block various news sites, media sharing sites, blogging and several website hosting services. This is achieved by what is known as “The Golden Shield Project”, a part of “The Great Firewall of China”. The preliminary work for this project cost US $800 million. The system uses various levels of protection such as IP filtering, DNS filtering and poisoning, URL filtering, Packet filtering and Connection reset to achieve maximum filtering. However, this can still be bypassed using secure VPN, onion routing services and proxies or softwares that automatically select available proxies and change them.

The questions that have been circulating in Nepali Internet Community are:
Will it be any good?
Is it worth it?

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